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Shiva-Ki: Master of the Blade’s Edge

David Crane reviews this master bladesmith: Shiva Ki may just be the single best-kept secret in the custom knife world today. He makes what are arguably some of the sharpest tactical/fighting fixed blades in the world, and you can quote me on that. Every Shiva Ki custom knife comes to its new owner SCARY SHARP (and very durable). Perhaps this is why armed professionals all over the world carry and rely on his knives on a daily basis.

Read his article here: http://www.defensereview.com/tacticalbattle-blades-for-21st-century-spec-ops-meet-shiva-ki/


Louisiana Bugoutwhale’s article about Shiva-Ki: These are made locally. For those that do not know Master Ki, he is one of the few true, legitimate, Ninja Masters left in the world. He is a veteran, and when he is seen out he can often be found wearing a human ear on his dog tags that came from a North Vietnamese General that he killed in a Spec Ops mission. (I don’t remember if its Vietnam or Korea). Read more here: http://www.bugoutwhale.com/showthread.php/525-Shiva-Ki-knives

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    Blaydz was lucky enough to get access to two major collections of Shiva Ki’s work, which include both record breakers (in cutting hanging rope), knives with autographed sheaths – autographs and comments by both Ki and Bill Moran- attesting to their worth, uses and capabilities, which give their historical importance some extra weight. His knives ARE extremely sharp and, more interestingly, they seem to ‘want’ to cut. This may sound a bit unbelievable but I am certainly not the first to have had this reaction to them. Shiva has also offered to ‘touch up’ any of his Blaydz blades at no cost to the consumer beyond shipping and handling fees,

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