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Now seen on the Blaydz web: Monster Merc 12 1/2 ” Blade Length

Until he began the production of this knife “in a state of inspiration and creativity,” Shiva-Ki had never created a mercenary of this size. He has no plans to duplicate it, either.  

This knife, high carbon, clay-tempered Damascus, has the look of a short sword.  For such a huge hunk of metal it feels surprisingly light and maneuverable.  Handling it gives the holder a sense of control and of the central importance of balance in a knife. That, and grace. The initial impression is that one is holding a weapon that wants to be used. The African water buffalo horn handle is grooved to give it a sense of great ease in maintaining control. Its size belies the ease with which it handles, and which appears inimical to its shear mass.

Point to guard, it’s blade length is 12 1/2 inches. Its sheath is black ray skin and its skull crusher butt, which contains a thong hole, is large enough to effectively counterweight the size of it’s blade.

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  1. May 6, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    After I told Shiva that the first Monster Merc we got from him went in two days and evinced a lot of interest, apparently his unexpected “burst of inspiration” went into gear again and he produced another but this one is a full two inches longer, giving it a 15 1/2″ blade. I’ve never held or dealt with another knife this size. It is in Damascus and clay tempered and feels great in the hand, not at all unwieldly .Its sheath is primarily black ray skin but also has a star-shaped piece of white ray skin in its center and looks different from any large blade that I’ve seen. It with be on the site within a week or two. Any inquiries are, of course, welcome.

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